Forged parts flange

Forging flanges flanges on mechanical properties in the best of a products, its raw materials is generally tube blank, and then cutting and continue to beat, with the elimination of the ingot segregation, porosity and other defects



Threaded rod nut

Screw and nut are generally complementary to each other, in pairs, together used for fastening parts, all production machinery manufacturing must use one of the original is to connect the machinery and equipment parts, through the inside of the thread, the same specifications nut and screw to connect together.



Nickel base bar

Our seamless nickel tube shall be cut to the exact size and quantity that you require. Moreover, we offer fast on-time delivery and global metal distribution.




Nickel base ube

Best quality nickel bars for sale, with over fifteen years experience in exporting nickel bars and nickel alloy round bars and other metals and alloys. The factory combines any metalworking process – rolling, slitting, shearing, heat-treating to meet your specification. Our products is characterized by corrosion resistance,



Nickel based materials

As a professional exporter, there are various nickel plates for sale in company. Through the website you can find pictures and specifications of polished nickel plate and thin nickel plate and any other types of plates.



Nickel base plate

The purity of our nickel wire is 99.6~99.9% with standard of ASTM b 164-03 and size of Φ≥0.5mm. Moreover,is top refractory metal products exporter over 15 years. It applies to make numerous heating element. Pure nickel wire has good mechanical properties, and high thermally resistance.