Hastelloy X


High temperature alloy Hastelloy X is a kind of nickel chromium molybdenum alloy added with cobalt and tungsten. HastelloyX alloy has excellent oxidation resistance at high temperature of 1200, and can be used in neutral and reducing atmosphere. At the same time, the Hastelloy X alloy can resist carbonization and nitriding atmosphere.


HastelloyX has the following characteristics

●Possess excellent oxidation resistance at up to 1200 DEG C.
●The high temperature strength
●Formability and Weldability – very good
●- good resistance to stress corrosion cracking resistance
HastelloyX application domain
Due to high temperature in a variety of atmosphere with corrosion resistance, and has excellent high temperature strength, HastelloyX in a variety of high temperature environment has been widely used.
Typical application areas:
●Industrial and air turbine .
●Industrial furnace parts, supporting roller, grid plate, ribbon and radiation tube.
●Spiral – tube in petrochemical furnace.
●The high temperature gas cooled nuclear reactors.

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