Forged parts flange

Forging flanges flanges on mechanical properties in the best of a products, its raw materials is generally tube blank, and then cutting and continue to beat, to eliminate segregation and porosity in ingot. Price and mechanical properties are higher than the normal casting flange a grade. Parts of the pipe and the pipe and valve connected to the flange is connected to the pipe end; also useful in equipment import and export flange for connection between the two devices is made between pipes connected parts, connected to the pipe end. Is a kind of accessory products. Forged flange is mainly made of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel. The main standard of GB, dianbiao, American Standard, German standard, Japanese standard etc.. The main corrosion treatment of oil and zinc. Forging flange pressure, temperature performance is relatively good, generally suitable for high pressure and high temperature working environment.

Below are a variety of forging flange pictures:

DSC_3979              DSC_3960